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The Empire EG 6345 ElfEm - our vintage styled gas-powered single oven in a traditional ivory enamel.

Designed to make cooking easy, with simple to use operating features, that includes an infrared grill, bottom heat, and our fantastic electric powered rotating rotisserie.

Really easy to clean and maintain, with catalytic enamel inserts, to allow you to spend more time on the things that matter, rather than spending hours cleaning the inside of an oven.

A fantastic, high-quality gas oven for those who want great quality food every time. 

  • Multi-functional single gas oven
  • Operate with natural gas or LPG gas/ propane. The liquid gas nozzles for 30 mbar and 50 mbar are included
  • One handed ignition
  • Flame failure safety device
  • Double infrared grill
  • In-built electric rotating rotisserie
  • Electronic timer (set total cooking time/on-off time etc)
  • Energy efficiency class A
  • Product Dimensions = 59.4 × 59.4 × 56.6


Gas Operation

The appliance has been factory-preset as default to natural gas and can be also operated with LP gas/propane. The liquid gas nozzles for 30 mbar and 50 mbar are included.

Electronic-analogue timer

  • The electronic timer has an audible signal to alert you when cooking is complete.
  • It can be used to conveniently program the working time for the oven.
  • You can select an appropriate time to begin and end cooking (perfect for those who plan meals in advance).
  • The electronic-analogue timer can be used as a child lock to prevent possible accidental activation. 

One handed ignition

All gas and gas-electric cookers by Kaiser are equipped with automatic pilotless ignition. Just turn the knob and the reliable burner is ignited. There is no need for additional matches or lighters.

Circulation system

This ensures permanent cooling of the oven to make it possible to build-in the appliances into kitchen furniture.

Electric rotating rotisserie

  • The rotisserie turns automatically for even cooking.
  • It is suitable for big pieces of meat.
  • Option to use either infared grill only, or combine the infared grill with the top heat of the oven.
  • If you feel like having grilled meat with a crispy outside, open the oven door slightly – the result will be even better! 

Infrared grill

The infrared grill is ideally suited if you prefer to cook fish, steaks or toast in the oven. If you like crisped outside, slightly open the oven door or use the ventilator to achieve better results. 

Easy fit shelf support rails

The shelf support rails are made of stainless steel. You can pull out baking trays and wire shelves without any damage to the enamel. The side rails can be easily dismantled which ensures convenient cleaning of the oven cavity. The shelf support rails can be washed by hand or simply put in the dishwasher for convenient cleaning. 

Door handle and rotating knobs

Elegant bronzed metallic door handle and rotating knobs.

Temperature control

The temperature can be set in a range of 50° to 260°C, for perfect cooking and baking.


Energy efficiency class:A
Oven type:Multifunctional gas oven (bottom heat, infrared grill, rotisserie)
Front:Enamelled – Empire ivory / bronze metal plates
Front glass:Thermo-reflective glass
Door handle:metal / bronze
Control knobs:metal / bronze
Gross capacity (L):67
Interior:Easy-to-clean enamel
Flame failure safety device:yes
One handed ignition:yes, by rotating knob
Circulation system:0
Electric - rotisserie:yes
Self-clean function:Catalytic enamel inserts
Chromium-plated side rails:chromed
Telescope levels:5
Oven door:Trile-glazed reflecting glass door (removable door and inner panel) with recipes table on the inner side
Interior lighting:yes
Basic equipment
Timer:Electronic analogue timer
Control light:yes
Enamel tray (No):1 – easy-to-clean enamel
Multifunction roast shelf (No):1 - chromed
Rotisserie frame and fork (No):1
Tecnical details
Product dimensions (H x W x D, cm):59.4 × 59.4 × 56.6
Niche dimensions (H x W x D, cm):55.8 × 56 × 59
Dimensions in packaging (H × W × D):64.7 × 65.8 × 66
Energy source:Electric power, gas
Nominal voltage (V):230
Frequency (Hz):50
Total power (kW):3
Safety (A):16
Meets safety regulations:yes
Net weight (kg):39
Gross weight (kg):43.5
GTIN (barcode):4032495810280



Empire Gas Oven