The highest quality

Taking centre stage in your kitchen, the hob sits above an integrated oven or countertop, providing a versatile cooking surface for pots, pans, woks and more. Simplistic at a first glance, but look closer and you will see our range of hobs offer excellent ease-of-use features to make day-to-day cooking a joy rather than a chore.

Our range of hobs focuses on helping you to create luxurious kitchens, without any compromise on performance. You have several choices when it comes to a new hob for your kitchen. There’s the standard gas burner hob, the stylish electric ceramic hobs, or the more modern induction hobs. 

Not just black

Here at Kaiser, we pride ourselves on offering a selection of appliances, uniquely designed in stunning colours that wont be found anywhere else. Our most popular signature range Empire, in stunning Bordeaux Red.

Or a more modern hob, designed with a classical ivory finish and elegant gold trim. All this and more, only found at Kaier. We try to cater to all kitchens and styles, which makes us confident we have the dream appliances just for you.

Cast Iron Griddles

One rigid and one flat. The rigid side allows you to create a seared finish for your food. Producing markings identical to the mouth-watering finish you get when BBQing, while also conveniently letting excess fat run away into the griddles channels.

The other section is perfectly flat, making it excellent for breakfasts such as eggs and pancakes. Whichever side you use, this cast iron griddle will last you for years to come, helping you create tasty meals again and again.

Collection: Ceramic Hobs

A Ceramic Hob is an electric-powered hob that neatly sits either above an integrated oven or within your countertop. Becoming increasingly fashionable over the years due to the popularity of Induction Hobs across Britain. A Ceramic Hob is similar in functionality to an Induction Hob but is more accessible and has a lower starting price point. However, they both include an extensive range of modern and technological features, such as Precise Simmer Mode and Power-Slide operating modes. All the while still offering an elegant and one-off beauty that will suit modern kitchens.


All Kaiser hobs are designed with safety in mind, as well as premium performance and beautiful design. We only use controls at the front of our appliances, which prevents any unnecessary reaching over hot pans & steam whilst cooking. With high-quality front-mounted control knobs on our gas appliances and touch control panels on our electric-powered cooktops, you are less likely to sustain burns or injuries in your kitchen.


All our Ceramic Hobs are uniquely designed with an appeal that makes them stand out from the rest. If you are looking for a new Modern Ceramic Hob with a striking style, you won’t find one better anywhere else. Our most popular range is our Classical Empire Collection - With extraordinary rustic designs, these Ceramic Hobs take center stage in any kitchen. We also have a great range of Grand Chef Ceramic Hobs. For experienced chefs and newcomers alike, this Collection generates a professional look and feel like no other.


Don’t forget we also offer a Gas hob for a more traditional kitchen unit, with large gas burners and brass knobs. Or our Induction Hobs, that function similarly to a Ceramic Hob, but heat up fast. To the point that some models can even boil water quicker than a kettle! Make sure to explore our Oven and Hob Bundles, offering massive savings while perfectly matching.


Whichever style you decide on, rest assured your new Ceramic Hob will be of the highest quality, with the highest functionality, all while simultaneously offering an unrivaled level of luxury. Explore our collection for the best electric ceramic hob options, ensuring both style and performance in your modern kitchen.