Collection: Cooker Hoods

Every kitchen needs a decent cooker hood. Sitting above your range cooker or your hob, they act as an extraction hood to remove fumes from your kitchen when cooking. Our premium quality cooker hoods are designed to match our cookers, ovens and hobs so that you can tailor them to your kitchen's look and feel. Here at Kaiser, we pride ourselves on being different from other kitchen appliance brands and offer cooker hoods that are uniquely designed, have a classical aesthetic, and are statement pieces for your kitchen. All of this, whilst offering incredibly high-performance capabilities, quality lighting and good energy performance. And, of course, we have options for cooker hoods that are wall-mounted, built-in or for your kitchen island. 

Choosing the right cooker hood for your kitchen is simple. The first thing to do is choose the correct cooker hood to fit in your kitchen.  A wall-mounted or chimney cooker hood is the most popular type of extraction hood. For kitchens where the cooktop is installed on a work surface next to a wall. This wall can be either internal or external, as our wall-mounted extraction hoods offer the option of extraction by either; exhaust to the outside of your property, or by filtering the cooking vapours before returning back, purified, into your kitchen. A built-In or telescopic cooker hood is an appliance which fits into the underside of a kitchen cupboard above your cooker top or hob. This type of integrated cooker hood is more discreet than, for example, a wall-mounted hood. However, our designs retain the ability to match your other kitchen appliances to keep your style throughout your kitchen. Lastly is the Island Cooker Hood which is becoming increasingly popular as Brits remodel their kitchens and build cooking islands as a centrepiece. Because of this, our island extractor hoods have the most modern style and finish. With an infrared remote control for complete ease of use, our island cooker hoods are low maintenance and easy to clean.

Now that you know what the right cooker hood is for your kitchen, you can start to explore Kaiser’s stunning signature collections. Each one is different from the last, offering a host of distinct styles, colours and features that you won't find anywhere else. The Avantgarde Pro collection - caters more for the wannabe home chef, offering quality, durability, function and form ahead of design. These are robust, strong and dependable cooker hoods for any busy family kitchen. The Empire collection - where Kaiser Appliances really stand out from the rest, making them our best-selling collection of products. With extraordinary rustic designs, these appliances are both elegant and robust. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better-designed and built classical-style appliance anywhere. The Art Deco collection - Winner of the 2020 German Design Award, the Kaiser Art Deco range perfectly captures a neo-classical style and is truly unlike anything else. Leather handles, brass-coated knobs. These appliances are of the highest design, and of the highest quality, while simultaneously offering modern features and functions. Lastly, The Belle Epoque collection - Literally meaning “Beautiful Age” in French, and you will soon see why this collection got its name. Elegant, smooth edges in a stunningly beautiful, classical fashion. Suited for any vintage kitchen, this collection is for those that really want something more than the norm.