Collection: Range Cookers

Range cookers are often seen in large kitchens across the UK, as a fantastic option for lots of cooking space. Kaiser range cookers of course meet this basic need for plentiful cooking options for large family meals and Sunday roasts in your own home. However, with Kaiser, there's always a difference! We specialise in beautiful, classic design, without any sacrifice on performance. Our collection of range cookers fits this bill perfectly, with highly traditional, gorgeous appliances that aren't to everyone's taste - something we're very proud of here at Kaiser. If you're looking for an elegant, statement range cooker for your kitchen, you've come to the right place.

Choose from either our Dual Fuel Range Cookers that are powered by a combination of gas and electricity, or our Induction Range Cookers, in a variety of styles and popular or traditional colours. A dual-fuel gas & electric cooker utilises both an electric cooker with a gas-powered hob. Providing both flexibility and space for cooking family meals, making them one of our most popular range cookers for kitchens in the UK. Our fully electric induction cookers use magnetic currents to directly heat your pots and pans instead of the cooktop. This makes mealtimes easier, with quicker cooking times and better energy efficiency.

When it comes to style and colour options, you will find it hard to choose between our more modern Avantgarde Pro Collection or the exquisitely traditional Empire Collection. The Avantgarde Pro Collection caters more for the wannabe home chef, offering quality, durability, function and form ahead of design. These are robust, strong and dependable cookers for any busy family kitchen. The Empire Collection is where Kaiser really specialises, and these are our best-selling collection of products. With extraordinary rustic designs, these appliances are both elegant and robust. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better-designed and built classical-style appliance anywhere.