The highest quality

Taking centre stage in your kitchen, the hob sits above an integrated oven or countertop, providing a versatile cooking surface for pots, pans, woks and more. Simplistic at a first glance, but look closer and you will see our range of hobs offer excellent ease-of-use features to make day-to-day cooking a joy rather than a chore.

Our range of hobs focuses on helping you to create luxurious kitchens, without any compromise on performance. You have several choices when it comes to a new hob for your kitchen. There’s the standard gas burner hob, the stylish electric ceramic hobs, or the more modern induction hobs. 

Not just black

Here at Kaiser, we pride ourselves on offering a selection of appliances, uniquely designed in stunning colours that wont be found anywhere else. Our most popular signature range Empire, in stunning Bordeaux Red.

Or a more modern hob, designed with a classical ivory finish and elegant gold trim. All this and more, only found at Kaier. We try to cater to all kitchens and styles, which makes us confident we have the dream appliances just for you.

Cast Iron Griddles

One rigid and one flat. The rigid side allows you to create a seared finish for your food. Producing markings identical to the mouth-watering finish you get when BBQing, while also conveniently letting excess fat run away into the griddles channels.

The other section is perfectly flat, making it excellent for breakfasts such as eggs and pancakes. Whichever side you use, this cast iron griddle will last you for years to come, helping you create tasty meals again and again.

Collection: Hobs

Elevating the heart of your kitchen, our hobs take pride of place above integrated ovens or countertops, providing a versatile cooking surface for pots, pans, woks, and more. Deceptively simple at first glance, a closer look reveals our extensive range of hobs, designed with user-friendly features to transform everyday cooking into a delightful experience. Our commitment lies in crafting hobs that contribute to the creation of opulent kitchens, without compromising on performance. When selecting a new hob for your kitchen, you're presented with a variety of options, including the traditional gas hobs, the stylish electric ceramic hobs, or the more modern induction hobs.


Opting for a gas hob is a traditional choice for British kitchens. Our classical gas-powered hobs seamlessly integrate into available countertops or sit atop integrated ovens with sufficient ventilation space. Offering visual control of the flame, our one-handed ignition system ensures effortless operation. Choose from our exquisite range of 2, 4, or 5 gas burner hobs, each showcasing the renowned Kaiser quality, tailored to fit kitchens of any size.


Transitioning away from gas, the ceramic hob is an electric-powered alternative, fitting into countertops or above-integrated ovens where space permits. An economical technology, with lower power consumption than induction hobs, but quicker to heat than electric hot plates. Explore our stylized range, such as the unique and exclusive Grand Chef Cave Painting Ceramic Hob, featuring electronic precise simmer control for spill prevention.


Lastly, the induction hob, an electric-powered option, can be installed above an integrated oven or within an available countertop. Characterized by classical, traditional glass designs, these Induction Hobs are stunning. With their elegance at the forefront of their design, these sophisticated hobs are always easy to operate and easy to clean and maintain.


Regardless of the hob style you choose, opting for a Kaiser Hob will leave you spoilt for choice. Renowned for stylistic designs and colors, we pride ourselves on not being the same as every other kitchen appliance on the market. Meticulously engineered to be unique, reliable, and one-of-a-kind, our range of hobs is available across several of our signature collections, all offering exclusive layouts and finishing touches. Like our Empire Collection - With extraordinary rustic designs, these Hobs provide both elegance and robustness, all available in a colour range only found at Kaiser, such as a rich Ivory and Bordeaux red. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better-designed and built classical-style 90cm hob anywhere. Or the Avantgarde Pro Collection - catering towards the wannabe home chef, offering quality, durability, function, and form ahead of design. These are robust, strong, and dependable hobs for any busy family kitchen. Or maybe The Art Deco Collection - Winner of the 2020 German Design Award, this range perfectly captures a neo-classical style and is truly unlike anything else. Boasting a modern design with modern technology. Make sure to also explore our Oven and Hob Bundles, offering you massive savings with a perfectly matching style.


Whichever style you decide on, rest assured your new appliance will be of the highest design, and of the highest quality, while simultaneously offering modern features and functions.