Product Warranty


  1. The warranty for a broken part is valid for the full period of 24 months from the date of receiving the goods.
  2. Kaiser, as the manufacturer, only covers the servicing in the event of a manufacturer fault, such as but not limited to; inappropriate design, installation by our technicians, defective materials.
  3. This warranty applies only to products used for the following purposes; non-commercial, personal, family, residential, or household. For anything outside of these purposes, the warranty is only valid for 4 months from the date of receipt of the products.
  4. Repairs that qualify under this warranty are completely free including the cost of labour, and materials.
  5. Any questions or queries on the quality of the product will be assessed only after our servicing engineers or company checks the product. Any conclusions will only be reached based on the outcome of a servicing report.
  6. The product will only be exchanged within the warranty period in the situation that the servicing expert concludes that the product cannot be repaired, or if the same product requires parts changed three times in total within the warranty period.
  7. In case of unnecessary or unjustified demands for customer service, we reserve the right to charge for our service. Before you contact our customer service, please consider whether it‘s a genuine product defect or failure, or an issue due to poor maintenance or accidental damage. Please take the time to communicate with our customer service team where needed.
  8. Installation should only be carried out by qualified professionals. Where any appliance is not fitted by us or our chosen partners, the customer is required to provide appropriate documentation from their service provider. Otherwise there is no entitlement to the grant of a guarantee.
  9. Liability under this warranty is limited to the above obligations, unless otherwise specified by law.


  1. Any failure to comply with the instructions for operational use or if the product has been repaired, modified, transported or installed by the customer.
  2. Improper care of the products. For example; connecting to the wrong power supply, the use of non-recommended cleaning agents and detergents.
  3. Any changes or removal of the serial number have been made.
  4. Products being serviced and/or installed by an unauthorised servicing company will not be valid for warranty.
  5. Product failures caused by reasons independent of the manufacturer; such as fluctuations in the power supply, external events such as nature or natural disasters, fire, insects or domestic and wild animals.
  6. If the glass or the ceramic glass on a product is broken or defected after installation, the customer will be held liable.
  7. Any damage scratches, cracks, and external mechanical faults caused during the operation by the customer.
  8. The damage of certain parts being caused by normal wear and tear such as (lamps, filters, etc.).
  9. Any other damage caused by the fault of the user and which is not linked to faults caused by the manufacturer.

The unearthed devices are potentially dangerous. The manufacturer accepts no liability for damages which have been caused by improper use, the incorrect installation, operation, application or maintenance. We strongly recommend that our appliances be hardwired by a qualified electrician to ensure optimal performance and safety.

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