Collection: Kettles

An electric kettle is an absolute must-have to make everyday life quick and easy in the kitchen – especially for a tea-loving Brit. Start your day right with our wonderful range of German-engineered, beautifully designed electric kettles. Just like our Microwave Ovens, there have been many innovations over the years in small appliance technology. Our electric kettles are no longer just about boiling water. All our electric kettles have features such as a Cordless body - cord is stored in the base, concealed heating element, which prevents limescale build-up. Automatic safety turn-off to protect against dry running and LED illuminated on-off switch. All with a hefty 2-litre capacity. 

Our Empire Collection of Electric Kettles quickly become the focal point of any kitchen. Our classical, bell-shaped design offers a look like no other and is truly unique to Kaiser. Available in three stunning colours; timeless black, soft and subtle ivory, or our most popular - Bordeaux red. Whichever colour you choose, you can rest assured knowing that your new kettle is reliable, durable, and above all else beautiful. There’s a Kaiser electric kettle for every kitchen.