Collection: Warming Drawers

Warming drawers are a great addition to a luxurious kitchen. Gives you an option to perfectly warm your plates or dishes before serving your meal, or to quickly defrost foods when time is not on your side. Our warming drawers can also be used as a proving drawer to prove dough if you're a home baker - especially useful for pizza dough! For convenience, warming drawers are best located directly beneath your integrated oven in the layout of your kitchen.

Available in our La Perle Collection, this stunning range of appliances caters for discerning gourmet chefs. Precision is at the forefront of any La Perle design, offering some of the highest functionality and product features while resonating with a professional yet elegant aesthetic.

Other great additions to your dream kitchen in the La Perle range include a Built-In Coffee Machine, setting an unparalleled level of quality, and making you feel like a professional barista in your own home.  For the more health-conscious chefs, we also offer a La Perle  Steam Oven, retaining more nutrients in your cooked foods and a healthier alternative to conventional cooking appliances such as Electric Ovens and Gas Ovens. Whichever appliance you choose, when you buy from Kaiser you are guaranteed an appliance that is robust, easy to use and above all else, uniquely beautiful.