Collection: Wall Mounted Cooker Hoods

The most popular type of Cooker Hood for any British kitchen is the Wall-Mounted Cooker Hood. Mounted above your Range Cooker or hobs, these Cooker Hoods are desired due to their flexibility. Being able to be mounted on either an internal or external wall, our wall-mounted extraction hoods offer the option of extraction by either; exhaust to the outside of your property, or by filtering the cooking vapours before returning back, purified, into your kitchen.  

All Cooker hoods, be it a Built-In Hood, Wall-Mounted Hood or Island Hood are specifically designed to remove fumes from your kitchen quickly, quietly and efficiently when cooking. However, with modern technology, our Wall Mounted Extractors offer so much more. With state-of-the-art features such as Touch Controls, bringing a futuristic aesthetic to your kitchen. Easy to clean black bevelled glass, saving time on cleaning your kitchen. High-speed but low-noise extractor fans, Odour absorber mode, LED lamps and more. You won't find a more feature-rich cooker hood anywhere else.

All our Wall-Mounted Cooker Hoods offer outstanding modern features. However, this doesn’t mean a modern-style aesthetic is the only option. Here at Kaiser, we pride ourselves on having one of the largest ranges of vintage and classical kitchen appliances. Offering a truly unique, award-winning range of Cooker Hood designs, all without sacrificing modern features, durability or quality. We have Wall-Mounted Cooker Hoods available in 5 different signature collections, meaning there is a style out there for everyone's tastes. One of our best-selling ranges is our Empire Collection. Combining classical designs and colours, such as warm ivory and Bordeaux Red, the Empire range of Cooker Hoods would suit any country home or cottage. If a modern design is what you’re after, we also have the Avantgarde Pro Collection, with an elegant aesthetic, accompanied by a beautiful white glass finish. For professional cooks and kitchens, we have the Grand Chef collection. High-grade steel, prominent control panels, and built to last. Or maybe The Art Deco Collection - Winner of the 2020 German Design Award, this range perfectly captures a neo-classical style and is truly unlike anything else. Boasting a modern design with modern technology. Whichever style, model, or colour you choose, every single one of our Cooker Hoods is made to never let you down, without sacrificing functionality or style.