Collection: Induction Range Cookers

An Induction Range Cooker is an energy-efficient, easy-to-clean, modern electric cooker with a speedy Induction Hob on top. Designed with a busy kitchen in mind, our enormous 115-litre capacity Induction Cookers give you the ability to easily create fabulous meals for the whole family. Induction technology uses magnetic currents to heat your pots and pans directly instead of the cooktop. This makes mealtimes easier with quicker heat, more precise control, and easy clean-up. Our cookers provide amazing flexibility and space and offer infrared grills and plate/dish warming drawers as standard. Induction Cookers also benefit from a lower energy consumption saving you money and being friendlier to the environment.

When choosing your new Induction Cooker, you will be hard-pressed to find a more stylish and feature-rich appliance than ours. Available in both our best-selling Empire Collection and our more modern, sleek Avantgarde Pro Collection, easily match your new Cooker to your existing kitchen's look and feel.  With modern features such as a Rotating rotisserie - perfect for rotisserie chicken! Hot Air Systems, provides an even distribution of hot air throughout the oven cavity, ideally suited for baking cakes and biscuits. Precise simmer controls, making it easier to preserve your pre-selected temperature. And Self-cleaning functions such as high-grade pyrolytic enamel that makes your oven more hygienic, less messy and more durable. These are just some of the many features our Induction Range Cookers have. 

At Kaiser, all our products are meticulously designed not only to be functional and beautiful but also safe. Our Induction Cookers offer safety features such as an easy-to-use Child lock, to prevent possible accidental activation. Residual heat indicators, letting you know your hobs are still hot, and a safety Guard with automatic shutdown technology. You and your family are in safe hands when buying a Kaiser Induction Cooker. If you’re wanting to create that perfect look for your new kitchen, make sure to check out our range of Cooker Hoods, offered in a host of styles and colours to seamlessly match your new Induction Cookers style.

Here at Kaiser we also offer an excellent collection of Dual Fuel Cookers. An extremely popular Cooker for British homes, utilising both gas and electricity. As with all Kaiser Range Cookers, they are spacious, feature-rich, classically styled and proud to be different.