Collection: Integrated Dishwashers

    Integrated Dishwashers normally come in two different styles, semi-integrated or fully integrated. However, they are often referred to by different names such as Standard or Built Under. It can quickly become confusing if you’re not sure what Dishwasher is right for you. The most important differences are their positioning and the door fitting. A Semi-Integrated Dishwasher is installed into a slot beneath your kitchen countertop. A panel that matches your existing kitchen units is then fitted to the front of the dishwasher, leaving only the control panel exposed. Creating a built-in (integrated) appliance that matches the current style of your kitchen. A fully integrated dishwasher is the same, except the dishwasher's control panel is positioned on top of the door, leaving no part of the dishwasher exposed. 

    About 20 years ago, 19% of all UK households owned a dishwasher. Nowadays it’s around 50%. Dishwashers have now become a must-have to reduce the stress of busy family life by taking away the endless end of mealtime pot washing and making cleaning much easier. Our range of semi-integrated and fully-integrated dishwashers are available in our Avantgarde Pro Collection, making them stand out from the crowd with our bold design style. High-quality, exclusive Kaiser styles and designed to be easy to use while also feature-rich for the best and easiest cleaning. Such features as Intelligent System Controls, for fully automatic washing, program selection and functions. Vertically adjustable upper baskets, allowing you to efficiently fill your dishwasher depending on the load. Low noise operation, constructed with a special sound-proof system ensuring a specially quiet performance, and much more!

    Here at Kaiser we also offer a fantastic range of Freestanding Dishwashers. This style of dishwasher has its own unique features and benefits. One of the biggest being they are easily removed and installed, allowing the appliance to be taken with you when moving homes.