Convenient and Responsive

Induction hobs with Free-Zone heating elements allow the cookware to be placed arbitrarily, without worrying about the number and size. The Barbecue and Teppan Yaki features allow you to experiment in your kitchen. In barbecue mode, the food is cooked for a long time at a temperature of ~180 °C.

Thus, the dishes become surprisingly tender and tasty. In Teppan Yaki mode, the dishes are heated to approximately 230 °C. Due to the high temperature, the intensity and speed of processing of the products increase, which allows them to maintain their beneficial properties and bright taste.

Not just black

Decorate your kitchen with our hotplates in an unforgettable design. The graphic is applied to the underside of the glass and protected against abrasion.

Traces that are common after prolonged use of standard surfaces with black colouring will not be seen on our models. Designer hotplates with different surface designs will put you in a good mood. The result: qualitatively prepared dishes.

Induction Hob Griddles

One rigid and one flat. The rigid side allows you to create a seared finish for your food. Producing markings identical to the mouth-watering finish you get when BBQing, while also conveniently letting excess fat run away into the griddles channels.

The other section is perfectly flat, making it excellent for breakfasts such as eggs and pancakes. Whichever side you use, this cast iron griddle will last you for years to come, helping you create tasty meals again and again.

Collection: Induction Hobs

An Induction Hob is an electric-powered hob that neatly sits either above an integrated oven or within your countertop. Becoming increasingly popular over the years in British Homes, Induction Hobs include an extensive range of modern and technological features while offering an elegant beauty that will suit nearly any kitchen.


Our Induction Hobs are available across all of our signature collections, each one offering a different style from the next. Our most popular range is our Classical Empire Collection - With extraordinary rustic designs, these Induction Hobs will take centre stage in any kitchen. Available in three stunning colours Ivory, Black, and Bordeaux red, you won't be able to find a better-designed and built classical-style Induction Hob anywhere. Or the advanced La Perle Collection - offering the highest level of technology with features such as Power Slide Functions and Free Heat Zones. If you are looking for something truly unique, check out The Art Deco Collection - Winner of the 2020 German Design Award, this range perfectly captures a neo-classical style and is truly unlike anything else. Boasting a modern design with modern technology.


All Kaiser hobs are designed with safety in mind, as well as premium performance and beautiful design. We only use controls at the front of our appliances, which prevents any unnecessary reaching over hot pans & steam whilst cooking. With high-quality front-mounted control knobs on our gas appliances, and touch control panels on our electric-powered cooktops.


Don’t forget we also offer a Gas hob for a more traditional kitchen unit, with large gas burners and brass knobs. Or our Ceramic Hobs, which function similarly to an Induction hob, but highly stylised and with lower power consumption. Make sure to also explore our Hob and Oven Bundles, offering massive savings with perfectly matching appliances.


Whichever style you decide on, rest assured your new Induction Hob will be of the highest design, and the highest quality, while simultaneously offering modern features and functions. Explore our recommended induction kitchen stoves for a contemporary cooking experience in your UK kitchen.