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SKU: HC 93655 IEm

Empire Electric Induction Range Cooker (Black)

Empire Electric Induction Range Cooker (Black)

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Electric Oven:

  • Matt black enamel finish
  • Antique brass control knobs
  • Richly polished brass trim
  • Electronic-analogue timer
  • Circulation system (fan assisted/powered)
  • Double infrared grill
  • Rotating rotisserie - perfect for rotisserie chicken!
  • Self-clean function
  • Removable and machine-washable support rails
  • XXL oven – 115-litre capacity
  • Dimensions (cm): Hx 90, Wx 90, Dx 60
  • Energy Efficiency Class A

Induction Hob:

  • Induction ceramic glass hob
  • FREEHEAT heating zones
  • 5 cooking zones
  • POWER SLIDE power control
  • Full-touch electronic controls
  • Child lock
  • Residual heat indicator
  • High-speed heating power
  • Timer for all heating zones
  • Easy to clean

The Kaiser Empire HC 93655 IEm is a perfect choice for a family-sized range cooker. If you've got the luxury of a larger kitchen, then it's likely that the range cooker will be a centre-piece and a statement item within your home. You want something that is aesthetically magnificent, but also can perform to the highest standards - this is where Kaiser truly specialises.

This fully electric-powered, induction top range cooker sits in our Empire product range. Our Empire range is renowned for being equally strong on style as well as performance. With a choice of core colours, this is our anthracite black version of this induction range cooker. Equally perfect for both traditional and more contemporary kitchen styles.

Starting with the cooktop - you have a choice of 5 large cooking zones, so plenty of space for pots & pans to boil or fry. These cooking zones feature FREE ZONE technology, which means that the cooktop will detect where pans are placed and only heat the convenient areas required for maximum performance and energy efficiency. With POWER SLIDE controls that are really easy to use to set the heat to the desired temperature for perfect results when cooking for your family or friends.

The oven has an immense 115 litre capacity. This is a huge volume of space for cooking large meals - think how easy Sunday lunch or Christmas dinner can be with all this space available! Fan-assisted technology is used for an even distribution of heat throughout this cavity, and the temperature is easy to control with our sturdy front-mounted control knobs. You can also set a timer to alert you when your cooking time is complete. This is situated next to the traditional clock. We also have the built-in electric rotating rotisserie (included with your purchase). This allows you to easily cook a chicken, or other large piece of meat and get fabulous, juicy results every time.

Finally, we have the dish drawer at the bottom of the appliance. This can be used for storing cooking pots or pans, and has roller guides to make it easy to access the contents.

This induction range cooker really does have everything you need for a premium quality, functional & beautiful appliance that will bring delight to your time in the kitchen.

Full Description



Induction ceramic glass hob with free heating zones, which allows you to cook in any convenient area.

  • Rectangular shaped induction coils
  • Number, shape and size of the cooking utensils are not limited
  • Complete freedom of movement for the utensils on the heating field
  • Activation of the heating zone only under the utensils
  • High speed heating power
  • Keep warm heating functionality
  • Timer / minute counter for each of the four heating zones
  • Safety Guard automatic shutdown technology
  • Residual heat indicators
  • Full touch electronic control
  • POWER SLIDE power control
  • Child lock

Ceramic hobs

Induction heating elements provide powerful heat and ensure the quickest start facility. The ultimate temperature can be achieved incredibly quickly which results in time and energy saving. This capacity makes the high quality ceramic glass hobs similar to gas cookers. The hobs feature an elegant design which adds a sophisticated style to your kitchen. Ceramic hobs are easy-to-operate and easy-to-clean. The heating elements are controled by means of non-stage controls.

Residual heat indicator

All the electric hobs by Kaiser are equipped with residual heat indicators ensuring users safety. The LED is lit until the temperatue of the corresponding heating zone drops below 60°C. Switched off heating zones can be used for warming up dishes which ensures energy saving.

Electronic precise simmer control

The system provides automatic lowering of the temperature according to your selection. First, the cooking zone is heated-up and then switches off automatically to preserve the temperature at your preselected level.


Electronic-analogue timer

  • The electronic timer has an audible signal to alert you when cooking is complete.
  • It can be used to conveniently program the working time for the oven.
  • You can select an appropriate time to begin and end cooking (perfect for those who plan meals in advance).
  • The electronic-analogue timer can be used as a child lock to prevent possible accidental activation.

Circulation system

This ensures permanent cooling of the oven to make it possible to build-in the appliances into kitchen furniture.

Electric rotating rotisserie

  • The rotisserie turns automatically for even cooking.
  • It is suitable for big pieces of meat.
  • Option to use either infared grill only, or combine the infared grill with the top heat of the oven.
  • If you feel like having grilled meat with a crispy outside, open the oven door slightly – the result will be even better!

Infrared grill

The infrared grill is ideally suited if you prefer to cook fish, steaks or toast in the oven. If you like crisped outside, slightly open the oven door or use the ventilator to achieve better results.

Hot air system

The hot air system is a convenient, modern function. It consists of ring radiators and high-efficiency ventilators and provides even distribution of hot air throughout the oven cavity. The oven temperatures can be set to 50° – 280°C which is ideally suited for baking cakes and biscuits. Fan-assisted cooking reduces cooking time, so is both time and energy saving. This system ensures a substantially cleaner oven, prevents fat and juice from draining and ultimately provides better tasting food.

Easy clean – Antiallergical, environmentally friendly enamel

The interior of the oven is coated with an easy clean enamel. The enamel by Kaiser has the following characteristics:

  • Antiallergic
  • Easy to care pyrolytic cleaning
  • Antibacterial
  • Hygienic
  • Durable coating
  • Environmentally Friendly

Self-clean function

The catalyser provides permanent and convenient cleaning of even hard-to-reach places, e.g. top and back surfaces of the oven cavity. No need to scrub – baked-on spots of grease and sauce can be easily removed in a blink! For particularly stubborn stains you can quickly heat up the oven and clean – the stains disappear. To remove slight stains use a soft brush and hot soapy water. The catalytic enamel oven inserts by Kaiser are extremely practical. You can use the inserts 5-6 years. After that the inserts can be removed and exchanged. Fine catalytic enamel provides a long-lasting performance and durability for your oven.

Easy fit shelf support rails

The shelf support rails are made of stainless steel. You can pull out baking trays and wire shelves without any damage to the enamel. The side rails can be easily dismantled which ensures convenient cleaning of the oven cavity. The shelf support rails can be washed by hand or simply put in the dishwasher for convenient cleaning.

Dish drawer on roller guides

Thanks to roller guides, the dish drawer can be easily pulled out. It is very practical and spacious enough to accommodate larger pans.


Product details
Finishing Anthracite colored enamel / antique decor – solid metal Bronze
Oven type Multi 8 Multifunctional electric oven (top and bottom heat, hot air system, infrared grill – 8 operating modes)
Hob type Electro
Hob top Ceramic glass
Energy efficiency class A
Operation Electromechanical programmer with metal rotary knobs Bronze
Control panel Anthracite colored with solid metal Bronze
Control knobs Ergonomical rotary metal knob / Bronze
Door handle Massive metal / Bronze
Number of Programs 8
Lighting yes
Type of lighting 2 × Lamp
Indicator lights yes
Parboil Electronics yes
Cooking zone control Slider Touch Control
Cooking zones 5 QuickHeat Induction zones, among them2 × 2 flexible FREE-ZONE1 circle zone, all with Power function
Front left 21,0 / 19,0 cm – 1,8 (2,1 Power function) kW
Front right 21,0 / 19,0 cm – 1,8 (2,1 Power function) kW
Heating elements Induction cooking zones
High speed heating Power (Booster) 5
Hob top Ceramic glass
Hob type Electro
Middle central Ø 21,0 cm – 2,3 (3,0 Power function) kW
Middle left 39,0 / 21,0 cm – 3,0 (3,6 Power-Funktion) kW Doppelkochzone
Middle right 39,0 / 21,0 cm – 3,0 (3,6 Power-Funktion) kW Doppelkochzone
Rear left 21,0 / 19,0 cm – 1,8 (2,1 Power function) kW
Rear right 21,0 / 19,0 cm – 1,8 (2,1 Power function) kW
Rectangular induction zones yes
Residual heat indicators yes
Oven type Multi 8 Multifunctional electric oven (top and bottom heat, hot air system, infrared grill – 8 operating modes)
Number of heating modes 8
Temperature control infinitely variable
Gross capacity (L) 115
Nettokapazität nach EU-Standards (L) 103
Interior with easy-clean antiallergic enamel
Spit with motor yes
Shelf support rails chromed
Rack levels 5
Oven door Triple-glazed glass door (removable door and inner panel) and recipe table on the panoramic glass
Timer Electronic analog timer with programmer
Short-cycle timer yes
Multifunction roast shelf (Pcs) 1 × chromed
Baking tray with non-stick coating (Pcs) 1 × with easy-clean antiallergic enamel
Spit frame (Pcs) 1 × chromed
Separate residual heat indicator for each of the five cooking zones
Time remaining indicator yes
Door folding door fixable in any position
Self-cleaning catalytic self-cleaning
Telescopic extension optionally up to 3-fold
Inner lighting yes
Basket Large roller-guided dish carriage with glass front
Adjustable feet 15 mm
Technical specifications
Dimensions H × W × D, (cm) 90,0 × 90,0 × 60,0
Power source Electric
Mains voltage (V) 380-400
Frequency (Hz) 50
Power consumption (kW) 13.6
Fuse rating (A) 40A
Meets safety yes
Net weight (kg) 101
Gross weight (kg) 111





EU Energy Label

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User Manual

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