Collection: Gas Ovens

Even older than the Electric Oven, Gas Ovens have been used to feed families across the globe for over 100 years. By the 1920s a gas oven was being used in nearly every domestic kitchen. This trend has not stopped as they continue to provide reliable cooking every time. As technology has advanced, so has the Gas Oven, now offering advanced features as standard. Features such as Electric double infrared grills, Digital Controls for precise cooking and more.

Sitting around 67 litres in capacity, Gas Ovens offer enough space to cook meals for even a large family, yet small enough to comfortably fit into most kitchens with ease. They’re generally inexpensive compared to other models and fuel types and also provide a more energy-efficient way of running mealtimes. All Kaiser Gas Cookers have a simple one-handed ignition, making them extremely easy to operate. Other great features include an Electric Rotating Rotisserie - evenly cooking large cuts of meat and poultry. Digital Displays and Intelligent System Controls for precise cooking. Easy Clean interiors, Self-Cleaning functions and more. Like all Kaiser Built-In Ovens, they’re strong and reliable and will make mealtimes in your family home a joy, instead of a chore.

We have two uniquely designed ranges for our Gas Ovens, both offering individual styles and design choices. The first is our most popular range, the Empire Signature Collection. Excelling at combining classical designs and soft colours, this range sports exquisite brass knobs and dials, giving the Oven a rustic look and feel that would ideally suit any country home or cottage. Perfect for those looking to capture a vintage or classical aesthetic for their kitchen. The other is our Grand Chef Collection, specifically designed to cater for the budding professional chefs out there. Stainless steel, easy to operate and reliable. The Grand Chef range would suit any modern kitchen looking to create a culinary masterpiece at dinnertime. Easy to clean and easy to operate, these Gas Ovens are built to last and never let you down.

We also have a fantastic collection of Electric Ovens in multiple styles that would also be a great choice for your new kitchen. Looking for something a little bigger? Make sure to check out our selection of Range Cookers. With high-performance built-in hobs and boasting a cooking capacities over 100 litres, these Range Cookers make an excellent choice for larger families and bigger kitchens. Whichever model you choose, you can feel confident knowing that your new appliance will be robust, reliable and above all else, beautifully unique.