Collection: Electric Ovens

An Electric Oven is the most popular choice for British homes and for good reason. They’re reliable, uncostly and efficient. Feeding the nation for over 100 years, their popularity has not diminished. In fact, with new modern technologies now standard in most Electric Ovens, they are just as, if not more beloved than they have ever been. Available in so many colours and many different designs, and all boasting excellent features, we’re confident there is a Kaiser Single Electric Oven for every kitchen.

All of our Single Ovens, regardless of model and fuel type have a wealth of innovative, technological features and functions to make day-to-day family cooking a breeze. Our Electric Ovens have great features such as Multiple Operating Modes, Intelligent Program System Controls and Self Cleaning, dinner time just got a lot easier. Our Electric Ovens also include innovative elements to make your food taste even better. Such as Temperature Sensors - making sure your food is cooked to the perfect temperature every time. Air Fryer Function - no need for a separate Air Fryer, offering a healthier, juicer way to cook. Electric Rotating Rotisserie - evenly cooking large cuts of meat and poultry. These are just some of the amazing features that make a Kaiser Single Electric Oven so special.

When it comes to styles, you are spoilt for choice. We offer our Electric Ovens across all our Signature Collections. This means that whatever style, design or shape of your kitchen, we are convinced you will find that extra special appliance for your home. One of our best-selling ranges is our Empire Collection and our Belle Epoque Collection. Both excel at combining classical designs and soft colours such as Ivory and Bordeaux Red. Both of these ranges of Electric Ovens would ideally suit any country home or cottage looking to capture a vintage or classical theme for their kitchen. For professional cooks and kitchens, we have the Grand Chef collection. High-grade steel, prominent control panels, and built to last. These Electric Ovens are built to never let you down, without sacrificing functionality or style. Boasting large capacities and up to 15 operating modes. For the fashion-concious, we also have the Art Deco Collection. A truly unique look and feel found nowhere else. This collection has won us the German Design Award several times and it's easy to see why.

If you don't think an Electric Oven is right for your kitchen, we also have a fantastic selection of Single Gas Ovens, offering a more traditional, yet still modern appliance. Or the larger Range Cooker, with built-in hobs and massive cooking capacities of over 100 litres. Whichever product you decide to buy, you can rest assured knowing the appliance you buy will be reliable, durable and above all else, beautifully unique.